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Interior Cleaning - starting at only 119,99€

To prevent dirt and grime from stubbornly settling in in the first place, you should have the interior of your vehicle cleaned regularly. But don’t worry… If you’re long overdue for a cleaning, sit back, relax and let us do it for you!

Interior cleaning - We don ́t cut corners! See for yourself:

Whether hidden under the seats or in plain sight in the center console, junk accumulates quickly. Our cleaning service will remove any trace of it!

We ́ll make sure you have a clear view!

Get rid of dirt and dust! It’s time to make your dashboard shine like new!

The center console can turn into quit an eyesore. We ́ll fix it for you!

Whether getting in or out of your car, your car door sill will catch your eye. . It definitely makes a huge difference in the overall appearance of your car.

We mean business when it comes to getting your car back into presentable shape – that even includes your trunk!

All floor mats are removed, loose dirt is shaken off and then they are thoroughly vacuumed

For cars with leather seats, moist wiping is an absolute must!

Dirty shoes or hands leave an impression on your door trim? No problem, door trims are included in our cleaning process.

We ́re not kidding when we say we clean every nook and cranny! That includes the loading edge of your trunk too.

Need special detailing? Add on one of the following additional services:

Our steam cleaner will remove deep-seated dirt and individual stains. This deep-clean is highly recommended for anyone who wants to really sanitize their vehicle!

We animal lovers know: Just one trip with your four-legged friend in the back seat and your whole car is covered in pet hair. They end up stubbornly clinging to your upholstery. That ́s why regular cleaning is essential. We’ll give your car a “clean-shave” and make it pet hair-free again!

A child seat is your child ́s place to rest, play and dine – all in one. No wonder it gets quite messy at times. Our child seat cleaning with turn it back into the perfect germ-free retreat!

Exterior cleaning - starting at only 79,99€

Our car detailing service is environmentally friendly and uses only 19 oz. of water on average per vehicle. Compared to an average car cleaning service, that ́s almost too good to be true!
That ́s not all. We only use 100% biodegradable products, which means our way of cleaning is not only significantly more sustainable than a conventional car wash, but also much healthier for passengers. Get this great service wherever you are!

Once we ́re done, you ́ll be gleaming as much as your car does!

Bird droppings, pollen or resin not only look messy, but they also damage the paint. We take pride in gently making your car shine again.

Whether getting in or out of your car, your car door sill will catch your eye. It definitely makes a huge difference in the overall appearance of your car.

We ́ll make sure you have a clear view!

What ́s a clean car without shiny, clean rims? We don ́t cut corners – it ́s all included in our service!

What are you waiting for?

Book now – you ́ll love the results!

Mobile Autorreinigung Kaiserslautern

A car wash service that comes to you! Book your appointment now and enjoy quality of life with the time saved!

Our promise: A clean car has never been this easy!

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